How you can Stop Invalid AdSense Clicks in WordPress (Step by Step)

Would you like to learn how to prevent invalid AdSense clicks in WordPress?

Invalid AdSense clicks are the result of clicks and impressions usually generated by bots or spammers. A high number of invalid clicks can cause your AdSense account to be banned.

In this article, we are going to show you how to prevent invalid AdSense clicks in WordPress so that you can keep your account in good shape.

What are Invalid Adsense Clicks?

Invalid AdSense clicks are any clicks on your ads that occur due to invalid traffic.

What does Google consider to be bad traffic?

  • Clicks or impressions from website owners who click on their ads
  • Repeated ad clicks or impressions from one or more users
  • Website owners who manipulate users into accidentally clicking on their ads
  • Automated tools like bots and robots for processing impressions and clicks

If real people see your ads and click on them, that’s fine.

However, sometimes traffic will come to your website from low quality sources. One form of this is bot traffic that clicks on display ads.

Does Google AdSense recognize invalid clicks?

Yes, Google has a very sophisticated platform that automatically detects all invalid clicks.

Ordinarily, Google will not take any action against accounts unless they have encountered high levels of invalid traffic and clicks.

Small amounts of bot and crawler traffic, double ad clicks, and other errors are common and are therefore often ignored.

However, Google will automatically adjust your account earnings to avoid bot traffic and false clicks. These adjustments are made both in real time and at the end of the month.

The best way to avoid account exposure is to prevent invalid traffic from reaching your website in the first place. You can report invalid clicks to the Google Adsense team, but this does not release your account from responsibility.

How to protect AdSense from invalid clicks in WordPress

Invalid clicks pose a threat to your WordPress blog and allow you to make money online, especially if it is an ongoing problem.

There are three things you can do to keep your Google AdSense account in good shape:

  • Monitor your traffic and identify invalid sources
  • Make sure your ad placements adhere to AdSense guidelines
  • Use an AdSense protection WordPress plugin to block invalid traffic and clicks

Understand your ad traffic and your WordPress visitors

The main problem with invalid AdSense clicks is your traffic.

As the owner of a WordPress website, you are responsible for the traffic your website receives. This is why it is extremely important to understand how users find and use your website.

The easiest way to monitor your website traffic and analytics is with MonsterInsights. It’s the best analytics solution for WordPress and it’s used by over 2 million website owners like you.

There’s also a free version of MonsterInsights that gives you access to your most important analytics data.

For more information, see our guide on installing Google Analytics in WordPress.

Once you’ve set up the plugin, you’ll be able to view your Google Analytics reports on your WordPress dashboard. Just go to Insights »Reports to get a quick overview of your traffic.

MonsterInsights understands WordPress traffic

You can compare your Google Analytics and Google AdSense data to see if traffic sources are causing invalid clicks.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that a single, low quality referring website is sending spam traffic your way?

Or if you post to a specific Facebook group, is the traffic back to your website mostly bot traffic?

Avoid accidental visitor clicks in WordPress

Your visitors might get invalid clicks if they accidentally click ads.

For example, suppose your ads are too similar to the rest of your content, or your ads are in locations that make your site difficult to use. In this case, your visitors could accidentally click on your ads.

For example, having an ad just below a drop-down menu could result in visitors accidentally clicking on that ad.

Another common mistake is using ad units that are similar to your content and navigation links. If a user clicks on the ad and thinks they’re navigating your website, it can lead to accidental clicks.

For more information on AdSense ad placement, check out our step-by-step guide to optimizing your AdSense earnings in WordPress.

Block invalid traffic sources with a WordPress plugin

If your ads are set up correctly but you are still getting a warning from Google, then you want to block invalid traffic sources with a WordPress plugin.

We recommend using the AdSense Invalid Click Protector plugin for this purpose. It’s highly customizable so you can block the traffic and users based on your needs.

With this plugin you can block entire countries, set a maximum number of ad clicks per user, block visitors when they reach your ad limit, block IP addresses and much more.

The first thing you need to do is install the AdSense Invalid Click Protector plugin. For more information on installing a plugin, see our step-by-step guide on installing a WordPress plugin.

After the plugin has been installed and activated, you will have a new navigation option in your WordPress dashboard called “AdSense Invalid Click Protector”.

Next you need to configure the plugin settings. To do this, navigate to Adsense Invalid Click Protector »General Settings.

AdSense settings for invalid click protection

This screen is where you set the conditions for the behavior and traffic you want to block.

We’re setting the “Ad Click Limit” to 2 so that a visitor can only click twice on an ad before it goes away.

Next, we’ll set the “Click Counter Cookie” expiration time to 5 hours. This means that after 5 hours your ads will show again to this user.

After that we leave the “visit ban duration” at the standard setting of 7 days. This will prevent your ads from showing to blocked visitors for 7 days.

Change AdSense settings for invalid click protection

To block ads from showing in certain countries, select the “Would you like to block ads in certain countries?” Firmly. Check box on “Yes”. Or leave as “No” if you do not want to block certain countries.

Then enter the country code for the country you want to block.

Make sure you click “Save Changes” before exiting the screen.

AdSense Invalid Clicks Plugin Block Country Code

After you’ve made your block settings, you’ll need to add the plugin code to your existing AdSense ad units.

Where you add the code depends on how you added your Google AdSense code to WordPress.

If you’ve added your AdSense code to WordPress manually, you’ll need to find every instance of the code on your website.

If you use a plugin to manage your ads, navigate to the plugin and open your AdSense code block. It will look similar to the code below.

AdSense code sample

Then, before you can block your AdSense ad code, you’ll need to add the following code:

if (aicp_can_see_ads ()) {/ * Your AdSense code is displayed here * /}

Then wrap your ad code in a simple div tag:

… your ad code goes here …

Your final ad code will look something like this:

if (aicp_can_see_ads ()) {


After adding the plugin code to your Google AdSense ads, your ads will be displayed based on the previously assigned block settings.

If you prefer a hands-off solution, there is a premium plugin called WP Advanced Ads Pro with built-in click fraud protection.

You can activate the protection against click fraud directly via the plugin settings. There is no additional code to add to your site.

We hoped this article helped you prevent invalid AdSense clicks in WordPress. You might also want to see our collection of the best WordPress ad management plugins and solutions, and our pick of 24 experts must have WordPress plugins for business.

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