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How Decorative Wood Trim Enhances Your Home

Aug 14

Wood trim that is decorative is an important part of a house's appearance. It is important in finishing the interior of a home. Unique trims permit easier identification of the differences between the different parts of the house. The decorative wood trim adds character to a room by making it appear more attractive with rich colors and distinctive texture. Learn more about decorative trim, and the ways it can add value to your home. These tips can help you select the best trim for your home.


There are a number of different kinds of wood trim for decorative use. The various variations are able to add color and design to your home. Certain types of wood trim that are decorative are popular in specific settings and are perfect for rooms that aren't large. Examples of the most popular decorative trims are crown moulding, chair rails, and battens and boards. These kinds of trims are usually made of pine, which is an inexpensive wood, especially when painted.

The architectural millwork of a home isn't complete without an attractive wood trim. This trim can give the home a distinct look and a feeling of the castle. Experts in custom millwork can help you choose the appropriate style and material for your home's trim. These experts can help you select the appropriate type of trim to match your house. Find out more about decorative wood trim styles. These are the most popular styles:


The standard sizes of wood trim are important to consider for aesthetic purposes. A well-coordinated trim piece makes the appearance of a building more even, while a mismatched wood trim draws attention to an area that is not. Most trim pieces are graduated in increments of 1/4 inch. The standard sizes differ by one-sixteenth of an inches. Below are the dimensions for different kinds of wood trim. To determine the appropriate size for your project, consult our handy guide.


Most decorative wood trim is constructed from medium density fiberboard, vinyl, or solid wood. They are light and dimensionally stable, and can be molded into various profile designs. They can be used as a low-cost alternative to solid wood, with minor imperfections and gaps are able to be caulked. Polyurethane is a popular paint grade option for wood. This material is stronger than wood and is constructed in plaster-like shapes. This trim has to be fitted using a polyurethane adhesive.

There are many options for trims made of wood that are decorative. Some are prefinished while others are not finished. Paint or stain wood trim to match with your décor. If you're looking for a more realistic look, choose stain-grade wood. It is durable, can withstand water, and can be painted or stained to complement your decor. It is a popular choice for interior decoration, as well as people who wish to change the direction of the mouldings they have.


The cost of decorative wood trim can vary based on the type of wood and the finishing desired. There are two kinds of wood trim available: stain and paint grade. Paint grade trim is the cheapest alternative and is made from poplar or pine both of which are low-quality woods. The trim that is stained grade is generally comprised of higher quality woods, and tends to be higher priced than paint grade trim. Paint-grade wood trim is priced at the same cost as a basic baseboard.

The prices for decorative wood trim can vary however an average piece of redwood used for outdoor use can cost between $0.90 to $2 per linear feet. Because of its resistance to termites as well as moisture, this variety is ideal for outdoor applications. Trim that is decorative and has a natural luster is inexpensive and suitable for outdoor uses. When selecting trimming for your house, it's essential to take into consideration the cost of wood that is painted. You can look around for the lowest price and save some money after you've set your budget.

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