10 finest grammar checker apps you'll wish to use

Grammar checkers are important, however, because there are so many options available in the market that you may be at a loss as to which to try.

We got you there with our list of the 10 best grammar checker apps available.

Let's not keep you waiting. Here is the list:

  1. grammar
  2. ProWritingAid
  3. ginger
  4. White smoke
  5. Language tool
  6. Hemingway App
  7. PaperRater
  8. Scribens
  9. After the deadline
  10. writer

We checked them all in detail. Here is a brief summary.


Grammar as one of the most popular writing tools fully deserves its place on the list. The simplicity and variety of features make it an ideal place to start when you're just starting out with your writing assignments, be it for work or school.

Grammar includes a free version available online for your browser. It covers all the basics such as grammar, punctuation, and spelling. The great thing about it is that there is no word limit on how many times you can use it, and it's built right into Chrome. When you create an account, you choose your preferred dialect and can add words to your dictionary. The dictionary extension is incredibly helpful when you are writing a novel.

You can use grammar yourself, integrate it into the browser, or install it as part of Microsoft Word.

Grammar also has a nifty sound recognition system. Your sentences will be rated and rated according to how they sound to an outsider. The system is great when you want to differentiate between a more formal request and an informal request.

If you want to improve your writing skills, Grammarly Premium is the place for you. With Premium you can get additional features such as: B. Writing tips, consistency checks and stylistic advice. There are also unlimited plagiarism checks for your items. The Premium plan costs $ 29.95 per month, $ 59.95 per quarter, or $ 139.95 per year.

If you're part of a team, Grammarly has a great business option that allows up to 150 people to work together in a single group. If you have a large team, pay just $ 12.50 per team member per month.


  • Automatic suggestions by the way
  • Sound recognition and clarity checks
  • Browser and MS Word integration as well as a mobile version


  • The free version can annoy you with advice on premium features

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ProWritingAid, along with grammar, is one of the grammar checking tools with the most options available. It might look too sturdy at first, but don't worry. ProWritingAid has the features you need and more.

As a free version, ProWritingAid integrates with Chrome so that you can check your spelling and punctuation as you write online. However, the web-based reviewer has a limit of 500 words, so you'll have to split larger chunks for processing.

The most amazing feature of ProWritingAid is the premium version. You can integrate Premium into various apps such as MS Word, Google Docs, Scrivener and all common browsers. With Premium, you can use ProWritingAid for just about anything you write. When it comes to review-only functions, the reviewer also provides tips for future writing and reports to see how you have improved over time. It provides interactive information or advice on every mistake you make.

The premium version costs $ 20 per month or $ 79.99 if you get an annual subscription. ProWritingAid also has a lifetime subscription for $ 399, which sounds like a lot, but can pay off in the long run.

If you want to add plagiarism checks to ProWritingAid, you need Premium Plus, which costs 20% more than Premium.

If you are a student you can also get a 20% discount on ProWritingAid Premium. So definitely consider this option if you write a lot for your school needs.


  • Free version has many features
  • Contains reports and lots of tips for writing
  • Discounts for students


  • Can look intimidating with too much advice

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If you want to try something different, you can go for ginger instead. Ginger provides a flexible tool that you can use to check your grammar and spelling.

With a free version, you can choose between a limited 350-word web app or an extension for Chrome. Either way, you get basic spell checking and grammar functionality. However, there is a limit to the number of verifications you can perform each month. So if you write a lot, it won't be very helpful.

However, with a premium version you can access the Microsoft Office integration and an app that works on both Android and iOS. It doesn't limit the advice it can give and offers many more options such as: B. Changes to the style selection and translation into over 40 languages. It also includes a trainer to help you improve your writing over time.

The premium version is $ 29.98 per month, $ 149.40 for an annual subscription, or $ 239.76 if you choose two years.

Note that Ginger doesn't include a plagiarism checker, which might be a deal breaker for some, but is still one of the best grammar checkers available.


  • Integration of mobile devices, browsers and Office
  • Great translation options for on the go
  • Offers writing training as a premium service


  • Very minimal free options
  • No plagiarism check available

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WhiteSmoke offers numerous options to enhance your writing, all based on natural language processing and AI-powered technology. It's a great grammar checker.

WhiteSmoke doesn't offer a free option. The only free option is quick video tutorials to improve your writing.

The next best thing, however, is the web version which is compatible with all browsers. You can quickly check your grammar and spelling, and have access to plagiarism options. It can also translate over 50 languages. You also get over 100 templates to help you design the perfect item for the job at hand.

The web version costs $ 59.95 per year or $ 124.95 for a three-year subscription.

The premium version of WhiteSmoke offers all functions for grammar checking and stylistic advice. It also has a button for instant proofreading of your work. It is compatible with Microsoft Office, Gmail, all browsers or Windows and MacOS. The Premium Package is $ 79.95 for a year or $ 199.95 for a three-year contract.

If you're working in a team, WhiteSmoke offers a business option with three computer licenses with all the premium benefits.

Receive 500 plagiarism check credits with every purchase, with the option to purchase additional credits separately.

The prices include a 50% discount.


  • Powerful AI-powered spell checker
  • Excellent platform compatibility
  • Plagiarism detection


  • No free version or monthly subscription available

Further information (outgoing link to the article)

The Speech Tool is another commonly used tool that is different from the others already listed. It's completely open source and has some unique features compared to other best grammar checker apps.

The Language Tool's focus on simplicity allows you to work without a break to review the tool and make changes for you. It has a clean and intuitive user interface, even if it lacks some of the advanced options offered by other reviewers. You can also check spelling in over 20 languages ​​other than English, such as: B. Russian, French or German.

The free version of Language Tool lets you insert 20,000 characters into its powerful spell checker. However, it does not fix much more than basic grammatical errors.

The premium version includes more options for each supported language and allows you to check citation sources such as ISBNs. The web version is limited to 40,000 characters, but the integrated add-on for Microsoft Word is not subject to such restrictions. The Premium plan is $ 4.92 per month or $ 50.00 per year.

Publishers can also access the Language Tool's API for tailored benefits.


  • Easy spell check for many languages
  • Simple design
  • Access to API for developers and publishers


  • There are no stylistic features of other inspectors

Further information (outgoing link to the article)

Hemingway is a powerful solution for those who need to simplify and streamline their writing. Unlike other spell checkers, it focuses on making the text as readable as possible and shows you the sentences that need to be changed.

Hemingway is completely free as an online app. However, the focus on simplicity means there are no options for style selection or even spell checking. You can use a different spell checker to expand your work with Hemingway. As such, it's a great free addition to your writing tool suite.

However, Hemingway does not tell you how to fix the problems found. Only sentences that are difficult to read are displayed. So you have to adjust everything yourself.

If you want to work offline, Hemingway offers a desktop app for $ 19.99.


  • Recognizes long sentences
  • Complexity Checks
  • Free


  • Missing other options
  • Doesn't fix any problems by itself

Further information (outgoing link to the article)

PaperRater is focused on helping students in their work and has some great tools to help create a great thesis.

PaperRater attaches great importance to fast spell checking and readability for the selected level of education. Hence, it is great if you are trying to make a piece suitable for a specific population or if you are a student yourself. It will be compared to other articles of a similar level and will give you suggestions based on that.

PaperRater also does a quick plagiarism check and searches the internet quickly to make sure you have great work on your screen.

PaperRater is only included in a website app. Then paste your content in for review. As such, you need to write elsewhere.

The free version gives you access to 1,500 words of content that you can paste and check for spelling, grammar, vocabulary, or plagiarism. You get 50 submissions and ten plagiarism checks per month.

Let's say you want to upgrade to a premium version. In this case, you have the option to upload documents so that PaperRater can analyze them directly. They also increased the word limit on your submissions, allowing up to 6,000 words per submission, 200 submissions per month, and 50 plagiarism checks during this period.


  • Fast results
  • Compared to reading level
  • Ideal for quick plagiarism checks


Further information (outgoing link to the article)

We put Scribens on this list for one simple reason. It's free. Of course, there's more to it than that, because Scribens is an excellent solution for your writing needs.

Scribens efficiently recognizes the most common grammatical and stylistic errors in your texts and provides reasons for changes. It also creates useful word repetition statistics and suggests alternatives to some overused or overcomplicated words from phrases. Scribens also works in French.

As a web service that allows you to import complete texts and get results back quickly, Scribens allows you to finish all your work before the reviewer starts editing.

If you want to buy Premium you will get additional benefits such as: B. removing ads and making documents that you can upload larger. You also get a plugin for MS Word, OpenOffice or Libre Office. You can also edit text right in your email app, social media, blog, and other online text boxes. The premium package costs € 5.90 per month, € 14.90 for three months or € 39.90 for an annual subscription.


  • Free to use
  • Provides useful statistics quickly
  • Compatible in French


Further information (outgoing link to the article)

After the Deadline (or AtD as the developers like to point out) is free software that quickly improves your writing quality.

It is based on open source AI powered designs that allow you to evaluate what you write and provide intelligent advice to fix the problem. It focuses on making your writing more readable, concise, and focused. It also tracks misused words and typical clichés. It is available in Firefox and Chrome browsers or as a plugin for WordPress blogs and bbPress forums. You can also integrate it with OpenOffice to be the editing software of your choice.

It's less effective than other grammar checkers, but it comes standard with more options to upgrade your writing repertoire for free.


  • Free
  • Easy to integrate into the most common systems
  • Quickly and unobtrusively


  • Less powerful than paid controllers

Further information (outgoing link to the review article)

The writer is one of the best tools a professional writer can have. It provides a quick fix for the most common mistakes and offers many options to make your article look better to your readers.

Writer is great at giving your articles a consistent look and feel so brands can use it to improve writing on a global basis. Authors can easily reach out to Writer to suggest phrases that they should use to get the best effect for the occasion. Other options to indulge in are plagiarism checks and inclusivity results.

Writer is available on browsers as a web extension and integrates with many online services.

For seasoned professionals, Writer costs $ 11 per month. However, if you are looking for writers for your business, you need to reach out to them for a contract that will give you the best that you can get.


  • Great fit for brand identity
  • Easy to use across the team
  • Powerful writing assistant


  • Not suitable for students or freelancers

Further information (outgoing link to the review article)


There you have it, our list of the best grammar checkers available. You can make your choice based on your personal needs, but these apps will not let you down no matter what you choose. The best time to start improving your writing is now. So make sure you always have one of these tools on hand.

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